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Named after the Roman God of Fire, the Fire-Away Vulcan is constructed from super heavy duty, 8mm thick Australian mild steel. The largest of the Fire-Away family, this welded structure is as much a sculptural centerpiece as a functional fire pit. Standing at over 1,500 x 1,500 x 500mm and topping the scales at 120kgs, this fire pit is large enough to demand attention and impose scale in a spacious outdoor entertaining area.


Finish: Our fire pits are made from Australian mild steel which is intended to develop a rustic, bronzed patina over time. This generally takes between 3–6 months, depending on weather exposure. We offer a pre-rusting treatment which will speed up the natural process, developing the desired rustic finish upon delivery (2 weeks additional lead time).


Delivery: The Fire-Away Vulcan is delivered as a single, fully assembled and permanently welded piece on a standard palette.


Dimensions: 1,500mm W x 1,500mm D x 500mm H


Weight: 120kg


Lead time: 3–5 weeks

1.5m Vulcan Fire Pit

SKU: FA-003
Pre Rusting