Fire Pits

The sculptural, interlocking fire pit


Fire-Away is an innovative project challenging the traditional notion of fire pits. The open triangular design creates the perfect formwork for lighting a fire, allowing it to draw air from underneath to create a hotter fire with less smoke. The interlocking nature of the Fire-Away 'Kindling' and 'Original' allows it to be collapsed and stored when its not being used, or easily transported to a holiday house or camping destination. 

Made from Australian laser cut mild steel, Fire-Away is designed to naturally weather to establish a bronzed outer layer of rust while maintaining structural integrity for a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment.

We now also have the 'Logi' and 'Vulcan', our first welded fire pits. Made from 6 and 8mm super-heavy duty steel, these solid fire pits are permanent features and will last generations in the Australian weather.