Our Story

Fire-Away was born in a Sydney garage in 2014 to brothers Paul and Daniel. Paul, an Architectural Graduate and Daniel, a Medical Student, are about as different as brothers come. Paul’s creative ideas and Dan’s meticulous reasoning have resulted in many differences of opinion over the years. Fortunately this time the concept of an interlocking sculptural fire pit was realised.  

In 2013, Paul was meant to be working on a Uni assignment when Dan proposed the idea of a modulated fire pit that could be welded together. Paul turned his Architectural mind to the design and reworked it into a laser-cut, slot-together flat-pack fire pit with no other production requirements. The simplicity and striking sculptural profile of the product was most certainly something to pursue, and within months of prototyping and testing, the Fire-Away match was lit.

Each Fire-Away is made up of three identical pieces of sheet steel, alluding to the three elements of fire; fuel, heat and oxygen. Each piece is angled and rotated around an axis interlocking one by one to support each other, creating a triangular sculptural form resembling that of an inverted fire stack. 

Inner city courtyards, open balconies and suburban backyards will provide the perfect home for this sculptural, flat-pack fire pit. The interlocking nature of Fire-Away allows it to be collapsed and stored when not in use – perfect for inner city living where space is a premium – or easily transported to a holiday house or camping destination.

Proudly made in Australia from Australian materials, Fire-Away unites three modest pieces of steel into a sculptural form as a fitting tribute to every campfire story, starlit dinner and alfresco evening.